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CPA MOMS is a community where professional moms no longer have to choose between a career OR a family. Our company is a licensed accounting firm that is 100% virtual. We have hand selected a team of licensed CPAs (and bookkeeping professionals on track to become a CPA). CPA MOMS is that community you have always been looking for - a place for talented accountants who want flexibility, independence, yet still want to share best practices with a community. Most of our assignments allow the nationwide community of CPAs to work from home. For professionals that miss having access to information and connection to other peers available in a firm, we offer events and CPE approved trainings that provide resources relevant to serve today's business owner in a growing technology-driven and virtual environment. For those selected by our Agency, we offer a "done-for-you" eco-system of marketing, training and technology to build your book of business. We are at the fore-front of the most innovative accounting practices & cloud-based technology. We've invested the time to research the latest systems so you don't have to. We offer CPE and relevant trainings designed for entrepreneurial accountants looking to add more value to their clients. We invite you to apply to join our community.

Be Represented by the Agency

Top 5 reasons to consider Agency representation:

  • I don't have time to get my own clients
  • I don't have enough clients
  • I don't want to "reinvent the wheel" in setting up my systems
  • I can feel isolated and want to connect with other CPAs
  • I want to grow my own consulting practice

Become a Member

Top 5 reasons to become a member of our community:

  • Membership is free
  • I'm an employee and I want to explore freelancing
  • I like sharing best practices with my peers
  • I'm always interested in learning new things
  • I'm a student and want to interact with accounting pros
"When I first learned of CPA MOMS, I immediately connected to their vision. As a woman, a CPA and a mother, I am constantly pulled in multiple directions, trying to “succeed” in all of my roles in life. I experienced the corporate world of demanding deadlines and the 60 hr weekly “grind” while raising 3 children under the age of 6. I stopped on numerous occasions, asking myself "is there a better way?" For the sake of my children, I chose to resign from corporate America and came across CPA MOMS. I wanted to shout “Eureka!” For me, CPA MOMS provides me with the opportunity to develop my career AND serve clients without sacrificing my relationship with my family".
- Weni, San Diego CPA MOM

Not a CPA? Not a mom? Not a solopreneur? Not looking for clients?

The eco-system offers amazing resources designed for every accountant - man, woman, licensed, unlicensed. Though our Agency only hires CPA mompreneurs to our consulting team, we have six other technology, training & resource service lines that can help you grow your accounting practice as a member of our community. For those who own small firms, congratulations, we have an incredible selection of technology, training & resources to help you grow your firm. For those seeking a permanent part-time or full-time W2 job, we don't current serve that need; however, who knows let us know who you are and as we grow and are able to offer placement services, you'll be the first to know.

We offer trainings and community connection to all accounting professionals. As a free member, you will receive an invitation to participate in some of our value-packed, relevant live conference calls and webinar events that we are opening to members in 2015. Receive valuable training, technology research, resources and networking with other accounting professionals nationwide.

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